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RE: bmep (was:Top Gear: The TT article)

The higher the BMEP the higher the stress on the engine.........what testing
does is determine what is a safe BMEP to run an engine at (exclude racing,
too much on the edge!), after the basic calculation is established. It is
correct to assume that if the BMEP is lower, the stress on the engine is

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not sure why you're equating bmep wth engine stress.  they're not the same
thing, or even generally related.  wrt stress, the i5 is also undersquare so
high piston speeds are not exceptional.

high static cr on an audi turbo engine also isn't new.  the high po 165kw
1.8t app is a 8.9 to 1 cr (not 9:1).  the 3b/rr/a(x)u turbo motors are all
9:3 to 1 with a simlar bmep figure.  the highest po apps of this engine
(with full warranty) have higher bmep's again (the adu has a 9:1 cr).  also,
the 1800cc turbo has been touted to 400hp in high po tuner apps (mtm).

also, despite claims to the contrary, the haldex may not be active.
implementation details are few and far between, but certainly, in its
standard config, the haldex could not be described as "full-time awd", any
more than a simple vc could.  audi's implementation is unknown at this

autocar tested the ttq and loved it.  then they got peter robinson to test
back-to-back with a boxster.  came 2nd.  not convincingly, but 2nd

oh, and peter robinson owns a boxster.  disclaimer?  not likely.

'95 rs2
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> Date: Tue, 6 Oct 1998 20:43:28 EDT
> From: CM1022@aol.com
> Subject: Top Gear:  The TT article
> parameters of a real sports car.  I calculated the BMEP of the engine and
> very impressed.  It works hard, even if it is stressed at 3500 ft/min.  My
> only point of consideration is the 1 bar positive and 9 to 1 compression
> (static) of the engine- Audi is selling it at the midpoint (or highpoint)
> its performance potential.  That's alot of pressure for a stock engine.  I
> just wonder were it could go from there.
> Chris Morlock