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Warning to 1996 A4 owners

I was at Carlsen Porsche/Audi today, checking out a suspension
problem on a friends A4, when I got to talking to one of the Audi
techs (a good one named Steve Shupp).  Anyway, he points out a 
problem that he is seeing more and more with the dash board of the
96 A4s.  Specifically the adhesive that they used in the early A4
wasn't used liberally enough, or they got a bad batch on a number
of cars.  Result: The dash material lifts up at the right most 
portion of the top of the dash...near the pillar.  It looked REAL 
bad on the car he showed me....the car was exactly 3 years old.\
He recommended checking this out before coming off the warranty
period...it is REALLY expensive to fix.  In addition, it may lift
up at the front most portion of the dash...just on the inside
portion near the glass.

Just wanted to warn those older A4 owners of something to watch
out for.

Steve Sherwood
97 A4 2.8 Quattro