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Re: Avi's point,RE: Synth winter weights (fwd) Good Read

This is true.  I would say the list is split though.  Many on the list
appear to still support Audi's  statements.  I think I would if I was
running Dino Oil but for Synth, I make my own decisions.  
Good point.   Happy motoring.

	Todd Phenneger
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On Wed, 7 Oct 1998, Avi Meron wrote:

> I read the whole post............some good stuff, some bad stuff, I will
> only take issue with one part of it:
> >ps:  feel free to post, as this is a common misconception on the list that
> >you must use these heavier oils in German cars ....
> This is not the list idea...............its Audi's recommendation (there is
> a large gap between the two! the list opinion and Audi's recommendation!)
> Avi