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Re: radio replacement in 1993 90

Fvh904@aol.com wrote:

> I have been told that in order to replace the factory stereo in a 1993 90, the
> factory amps must be bypassed (i.e., the speakers rewired, rather the simply
> splicing the new stereo's outputs to the existing speaker wire). Is this true?
> If so, are there any easier ways around the installation. Thanks.

 The front speakers aren't amped, they're simply 20watt (so the diagram on the
radio claims). On the other had, the rear speakers do have amps, just how
powerful, I'm not sure. Haven't torn them apart yet, though I need to because the
driver's rear speaker cuts out when hitting a bad bump (I just reach back and
give it a good thump with my fist for now, kinda sounds like a certain speedo
repair we all know and love).

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