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Re: Levent Cur slang

David A. Wilson wrote:

> maybe someone
> could explain an intercooler to me?

If you're serious.....

When you supercharge an engine, the intake air gets heated. Turbo, by close
contact with exhaust gases in the turbo; belt-driven, by the fact that the air
is being compressed and air friction in the compressor and some friction heat
from the bearings. Either way, heated air into the engine is bad for
power(unless it's below freezing,then you have to worry about condensation and
icing). So an intercooler acts like a radiator to cool the air intake, it's
usually between the supercharger and the intake manifold (a Whipple, Eaton, and
Roots type belt driven supercharger is usually mounted right on the manifold,
so intercooling is a mute point). Most intercoolers on today's market are
simple air-to-air intercoolers, in other words, the intercooler is placed on
the vehicle in such a way that fresh cool air can flow over the cooler, thereby
cooling the intake air for the engine, sometimes they are assisted by a
fan(just like a normal radiator). There are a few intercoolers that are
air-to-water, these systems use circulated coolant to help cool the air charge,
these types aren't quite as practical because you end up using two radiators,
one to cool the air charge and the other to cool the coolant. While not as
practical, the air-to-water intercoolers can be much more efficient when
utilized properly.

HTH. Class dismissed. :-)
(I also sent this to the QList, in case others have the same question.)

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