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Actual Audi content!

>From: Clarall@aol.com
>Subject: Sporadic Brakes
>I have a late '89 200TQ with 136K miles. For the last several months the
>brakes have been sticking occasionally when the engine is hot and I am
>in town with a lot of stop-n-go traffic. The A/C seems to make the condition
>worse (engine hotter?). They will stick to the point that all four brakes are
>on and the car will not accelerate in fifth gear. It heats the rotors up to
>the point of smoking the pads and popping and pinging when I park. Based on
>similar posts I have followed the easiest and cheapest routes to a fix first
>(brake fluid flush, SS brake lines, caliper rebuild - all four) with no
>success. I suppose the nest step is the master cylinder. I know the bomb
>replacing; will that contribute to the problem? Any suggestions would be

Brake master cylinder is shot - BTDT - Pep Boys & similar have rebuilts for
86 5K for about $45 - (BTDT, too). Yours probably similar. These are
usually lifetime g'tee and work just fine. Total cure.

The bomb is not a part of this problem. It has its own set of difficulties.

Best Regards,

Mike Arman