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Re: Sporadic Brakes

> Date: Thu, 8 Oct 1998 00:24:15 EDT
> From: Clarall@aol.com
> Subject: Sporadic Brakes
> I have a late '89 200TQ with 136K miles. For the last several months the
> brakes have been sticking occasionally when the engine is hot and I am driving
> in town with a lot of stop-n-go traffic. The A/C seems to make the condition
> worse (engine hotter?). They will stick to the point that all four brakes are
> on and the car will not accelerate in fifth gear. It heats the rotors up to
> the point of smoking the pads and popping and pinging when I park. Based on
> similar posts I have followed the easiest and cheapest routes to a fix first
> (brake fluid flush, SS brake lines, caliper rebuild - all four) with no
> success. I suppose the nest step is the master cylinder. I know the bomb needs
> replacing; will that contribute to the problem? Any suggestions would be
> appreciated.

> Wayne Southall


Those symptoms sound exactly like those I experienced with my '89 100Q a few years ago. The
problem was with the brakes' master cylinder, the fix was its replacement.


Frank M.
Odessa, NY
'90 200TQ
'88 Mazda 323 GTX
'74 Aermacchi Harley Davidson Sprint 350