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Re: Deer woes

Hairy green toads from Mars made Mark Switek say:

> Hit a deer opn the way to work today. Within two miles had to do some 9
> braking for a couple more. They have really been moving a lot the last week
> or so. Did about $3000 damage and now I have an itch to replace the car.
> Looking for a 100 or A6 wagon, 5 speed (very important) quattro a plus. Has
> anybody seen any for sale?

There really are no 100 or A6 wagons with a stick.

BTDT :-(

Since 1992, when the 100 switched over to the new style, all
wagons had automatics. In 1999, they switched to the Tiptronic

The exceptions are: 1991 and earlier models (getting old,
hard to find) and the 1995.5 S6 wagon. I know of one for
sale, pretty pricey.


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