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A4 front sway bar mounting bolts

hi folks,

to make a long story short...

after repeated mounting/dismounting of my wife's A4Q front sway bar,
i've broken 2 bolts and in the process of "injuring" a 3rd one.
these are the bolts that mount the sway bar to the chassis (not the

so far, i have been able to use a standard 8mm bolt to replace the
broken ones. however, i would really like to replace them with
the original bolts (this way i don't need to use a vice grip to hold
the top when tightening and loosening).

i have been told that there is no part number for these bolts.
ie: i have to buy the entire assembly which comes with 2 bolts each.

does anybody know if and where i can find these bolts elsewhere?


ps: AP racing has similar bolts for their brake calipers. but from the
pictures that i've seen, they are slightly too long and 1/3 of the
bolt has no thread.

Thai Tjen