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Great time

Hi Y'all,

2,907 miles and 1148 e-mails later, we were back from our Northeastern
jaunt at 6 PM Wednesday.  Others have reported the events so I have little
to add.  I enjoyed getting an opportunity to meet several old friends for
the first time.  :-)

We had some interesting runs including one which involved a couple of
motorcycles and speeds of 140 mph.  I discovered two things.  First, my car
will do 140 and still have more left.  Second, I have a wheel slightly out
of balance (unnoticeable at 100 mph) which kept me from wanting to make it
do any more than 140.  Sure glad there weren't any of New Hampshire's
finest around.  The rest of the trip, before and after, was at much more
sedate speeds, merely illegal not death defying.

Ah'm tahred.  It's about nap time.  Retirement can be nice sometimes.  :-)

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