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Re: 4000SQ starting probolem: Fuel pump relay for $400? Hmm..?

> intermittent, I think I can understand the time, so I'll pay up.

good for you!
> That was the second headlight switch I'd melted.  The only possible
> culprit I've found is the frayed tail light wires going into the trunk,
> which I've taped as a temporary (2-3 years now) fix.  The headlight
> switch still seems to heat up on occasion though.

The headlight sw takes it tough on our cars.  It's not just the
headlights - the parking lights are quite a load when you add it all
up.  btw I'd fix those wires right (solder and heatshrink) if I were
you, 1 to avoid failure on the road (dangerous) and 2 because if they
are arcing a bit that will draw more current I think.

I have relayed my headlights and I am tempted to relay the acc lights

btw, when you "flash-to-pass", at least on my car, all four (!) high
beam filaments are driven off the power wire to the switch that is for
the parking lights!  That's why this feature works with the ign off. 
Relaying the headlights at least fixes this strain.
> I agree, my question was really, how hard should this be to diagnose?

I dunno.  took me 45 min to get my car back on the road when the fp
relay went the other day.  But I have prolly hundreds of hours spent
working on my cars electrics by now.  And I was lucky, noticed that the
little fuel pump on mode after turning the key wasn't happening.

> > but hey, it runs great now, right?
> Picking it up today, will let you know.  I'm not getting my hopes up
> too high.  They always seem to take a few tries to fix anything.

maybe you need to find another shop?

Huw Powell


82 Coupe
85 Coupe GT