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RE: p/n for cruise linkage grommet

> Does anybody have the part number for the infamous cruise control linkage
> rubber/plastic grommet for my 87 5KCST?
> The dealer said they didn't know what i was talking about.
... golly gee, another one that I know I posted about but can't find in my
local archive ...

The problem is that on the 5k fiche the part is not shown separately.  I
looked at all of the fiche that I had and saw a couple of them where the
part was referenced separately.  This means that there is some risk that the
grommet will not work on the 5K, but I think that risk is small since I did
find that so many of the other parts are the same ... and have been used for
quite a number of years.  If memory serves the same CC actuator is used for
all of the Audis I own with CC ... which now spans from 1983 to 1991.  

Perhaps someone saved that post or you can find some way to search the
archives for this year ... if you don't have any luck send me a direct
e-mail and I'll check the archives at home.  You might want to call your
dealer and tell them that you have an A8 and need that same part.  I seem to
recall that it was called out separately on that fiche ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)