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>Your car is a collection of parts. If you don't replace the parts as they
wear out, the car rapidly becomes useless somewhere under 100,000  miles.
Especially if the timing belt, tires and brake pads  don't get replaced on
>Your 1991 will last as long as you can afford to hang new parts on it,
(maintain it) or until it gets wrecked, or until some mechanic destroys it.
Low reasonable number with average care:15 years.  High number:
Undetermined, probably 30+ years for a dedicated, determined and
intelligent lucky owner. The engines last 200-300,000 miles with care. At
10,000 miles per year, that's 20-30 years.

>You need to save for the parts that will wear out and the labor to
repair/replace them. For specifics, go to this website and check out some
costs of ownership.                               
>                     http://www.stationwagon.com/My_audis.html
>I'm running a 1986 4kq that isn't even galvanized, and I am on my 2d
engine. First engine experienced bent rods when it sucked up water during a
flood. I expect my son to drive it about 4-5 more years. I fixed all the
rust, but more will appear because it isn't made of steel that is
galvanized on both sides, (but your 1991 is..)
>My 1987 5kcstq is turning 12 years old at 140,000 miles. It _is_
galvanized and the body is like new, the interior nearly the same. All
mechanicals are replaced as necessary. The rubber items seem to have aged
most rapidly and needed the most attention....vacuum hoses especially.
>I am pleased every time I go anywhere in it. I replace anything it needs,
with the help of this e-mail list.
>If you have an automatic tranny, it will probably need
replacement/rebuilding eventually, as will all the hoses and radiators,
pumps, hydraulic accumulator, electric motors, electronic modules, air
conditioning units, bearings, CV joints, ball joints, calipers, rotors,
struts and eventually the springs.
>But the body has an indefinite lifespan.
>How big is your check book and your determination to do the scheduled
maintenance, and how lucky are you at avoiding accidents? That's how long
the car will last. And, you may get tired of it next week, and let some
other person find out.
>Doyt Echelberger
>At 04:19 PM 10/8/98 EDT, you wrote:
>>I have an audi 100 (1991), how long do these cars last for on the average?
>>Just trying to find out if I need to save for a new one or not.