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Re: Oil filters and ADV

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From: Mark Switek <msswitek@pcpros.net>
>My understanding is that the adv in the filter is to keep the filter
>charged with oil to prevent a dry start up period. Audi runs check vales in
>the block to keep oil to the cam and lifter area of the engine. Any

Could be a big problem if they really do have check valves in the block.
This is exactly what Rover did with the 6 cylinder engines that they fitted
in 2.3 & 2.6 SD1s. It is mentioned only once in the dealers service manual
and then only in the description of the lubrication system. Try to run
extended oil change periods and it gets blocked with sludge, then one day as
you are driving along the cam seizes in the carrier, the cam belt snaps
and - well, I think that we all know the result....

Jim Haseltine