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Re: 4ks Doesn't like Rain

Before you start the car in wet weather next time, take a look under the
hood. There could be water dripping where it shouldn't, this happened on one
of my 5Ks. There was a small twig that wedged itself between the hood and
the weather stripping on the firewall thereby directing a steady stream of
rain water onto the distributer. I suppose water could drain into a cracked
air-box and soak the filter too. A quick look around is easy and it
shouldn't hurt anything.
Drive fast,
>Ron Roth wrote:
>> QList-
>> Do I need a tune up?  It's wet outside and my 84 4ks
>> seems to be lugging, worse in 4th and 5th but still
>> noticable in lower gears.  Had distributor  replaced
>> and tune up done in 2/98.   Thanks once more!
>> oooo      Ron Roth   Ithaca NY USA      84 4000S
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