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Re: Cheap filters.... (Fram)

IMHO it doesn't really matter what you use, as
long as you change the filter often (every 5k for
the metric folks and every 3k for that small
minority who use the other measurements ; ) and
use a good quality oil (your choice).  I driven a
lot of cars over the past 35 years, too many to
mention, and have never had an engine fail due to
wear on internal parts (lots of other things
tho).  Had a adzam four banger once with 350k
clicks on it once that burned a liter every 1500
km - BTW, that one was the cheapest to maintain of
all I've owned, a rear-wheel drive station wagon
that used to live in Florida in the winter, cost
me $500 over four years to repair various bits.
Most of the cars I have owned were given to me
with between 100 and 200 clicks on the clock to
start with, just have to be a little careful about
the prior history of the vehicle.  None of them
smoked or had a mechanical engine problem when I
sold them.  So I guess I'm just a dumb canuck who
has had good luck with cars - the engine part that

Now the owdie on the other hand...well that's
another story entirely.  Still, the engine part
works good.  Course I'm using a Bosch filter on
that - 5 bux - that's about 3 bux US.