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RE: Need A6 side Mouldings

Look in the yellow pages under "Automotive Parts, Retail."  I'm sure there
is an Audi dealer in your neighborhood who would like to sell you some
BTW, what happened to the "Close to Mint" Volvo?

> Hello All,
> 	I was wondering if any of you had side mouldings off and A6 or S6
> you'd like to sell or trade for the older ones???  i need black that is
> the color of my car...  If any of you have suggestions please feel free to
> drop me a line.
> Levent Cur
> '93 100CS Quattro 5spd (Mine) 93,500 Miles (Mint)
> '87 5000CS Turbo Auto (Sister's) 199,946 Miles (Very Near Mint)