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2.7 biturbo V6 (long) information

Introduction of the "new" 2.7 biturbo
 Turbocharged engine are already something of a tradition at Audi. The task
now facing Audi engineer was to develop a worthy succesor to the 5-cylinder
Turbocharged engine.....

This engine will also be used in the Audi S4 end Audi A6.
The engine used in the A6 has confort-oriented setup,which mean that it has
different torque and power output....
tech data:
V6 engine w\90 V-angle and twin turbo chargers
S4:195kW at 5800rpm----400 Nm at1850-3600rpm
A6:169kW at 5800 rpm---310 Nm at 1700-4600rpm
displacement-2671 cm3
engine management- Motronic ME 7.1
Fuel type : S4 98/95/91
                   A6 95/91