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RE: Cheap Gauges

My boost gauge is a Sharp precision gauge mounted on the A pillar.  I
previously had a VDO in a cup on top of the steering column.

The VDO was a better setup for use as it was in the same view as my
cluster. The A pillar mount is cleaner but positioned to much to the left
and is one more place to take your eyes off the road.

I am building a 1965 mustang to do some road racing and that is what the
gauges are for.  I am looking for a complete set with mechanical temp and
pressure as well as the usual electric gauges, Tach and speedo.  Thanks for
all the responses and tips.

For anyone looking to switch the VDOs around in a 200 cluster lots of luck.
 They are all run by the circuit boards with which they are in intimate
contact.  There is no room to "stuff" something else in.  As for mounting
gauges down low they probably look great but should be as close to eye
level as possible if you like to be looking to where you are going.

Jeff Donnelly, Dragon Wagon

PS I ordered the RS2 bumper cover and some other goodies from Todd Candey
today anyone else want to join in??