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Re: black trim

I heard that if you take a heat gun to the black trim that the heat warms up
the plastic and makes the protectent come back to the surface.
I tried this with a hair dryer and it could not get the plastic hot enough,
My friend had this done to his car and his black trim looks great
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Date: Thursday, October 08, 1998 5:20 PM
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>"Chris Dyer" <chrisdyer@hotmail.com> wrote:
>>5. The fat black plastic trim on the bumpers is graying.  What's the
>>best stuff to bring it back to deep black?  Also, there's some parking
>>stickers on this part, is it worth trying some chemical to get those
>>off--seems rather tricky.
>Just a few weeks ago I used some Back to Black by Mothers on an
>inconspicuous place to start.   It didn't seem to do any damage and
>it looks GREAT.
>It's been on in sun and rain and still looks real good so far, but I
>don't know how long it lasts.... yet.     I suspect these things may
>"polish" a layer of the plastic off so if it needs to be applied too
>often I'd rather stay away.
>The stickers shouldn't be too hard to get off with maybe some heat to
>loosen the glue.  The only thing I'd worry about is if the plastic
>_under_ the sticker is not as faded, and you can't restore the colour
>back to original.
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