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re Re: brakes and lonnnng downhills

Douglas Frank USG <frank@wasted.zk3.dec.com> wrote in response to Phil Rose:

	  >The other day--during Kanc Run II--I drove my '91 200q to the top
of Mt.
	  >Washington. The car carried 3 adults, 1 adultress, and a fairly

	  >Anyway, my question concerns braking during the return trip,
which as some
	  >of you know, is a 7-mile long drop from 6000 feet--all done at
about 20-25
	  >mph with brakes working nearly full time. At the bottom, Kirby
	  >noted--to our surprise--that both _rear_ wheels were noticeably
hotter than
	  >the fronts.

	There are turn-outs every so often on that road, with big signs
telling you
	what they're there for: cooling your brakes.  Were they full up?

I am becoming ever more amazed at the responses to Phil's message.  I
thought Phil's question was clear, but perhaps I am influenced by being part
of the original conversation.  Let me clarify.  Upon reaching the parking
lot at the bottom of Mt. Wash., we felt the wheels to see how hot they got.
The fronts were warm and the rears were _warmer_.  (I've had much hotter
wheels from marginal caliper retraction.)  This suggested to Phil that
perhaps the brake pressure proportioning valve should have been set up
differently after his car's UFOs were replaced.  Thus his question.  I
expect Phil will be happy to receive any specific information on brake bias
setup that can be effected on his 200q if any listers have this knowledge.

                .... Kirby   (Kirby A. Smith)
                              2 x 1988 90q
                          New Hampshire USA