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Audi1oo said:
I have an audi 100 (1991), how long do these cars last for on the average?
Just trying to find out if I need to save for a new one or not. 

I've got bad news for you.....you are stuck with our car for a long long time.
Here's a couple of  examples....one guy in my local Quattro club, Justin
Riley, has an '88 Audi 80....he has 375,000 miles on it and still going.
Another guy in the club, Bill Fluhr, has an '82 Coupe with 360,000 miles on
it.  I had an '85 Coupe GT which was wreck 4 years ago when I was in college,
it had 140,000 miles, ran perfect and was still screaming red in color.  That
was the greatest car.....it took me through my senior year in High School all
the way to senior year in college.....oh what that car has seen (in it's back

These cars will last AS LONG AS YOU MAINTAIN THEM.  I have had many Audis, and
they all were great.  The only time I had problems was when the previous
owner, or even myself, did not maintain the cars properly.  Stay with the
Quattro List, and you will never be alone in your long term ownership.

Maintain and enjoy!

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