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re: oil filters

More reason to use an OE filter.  I recently looked at the catalog for 
the Mobil 1 filter and it lists the same filter for all Audis going back 
to some 197? 100.  It makes one wonder why Audi goes through the hassle 
of having different filters for different cars.  If it were just a 
matter of making better filters over time, then they would likely just 
phase out the old kind and everytime one goes to the dealer they would 
get the latest and greatest.  It would certainly simplify the 
manufacturing, supplying, and stocking issues for Audi to have a 
universal filter.  My car takes a different filter than my brother's, 
both turbo, different years, and his old 4Kq (RIP) took a different 
filter than either of our current cars.  There must be a reason.  To 
ignore this and go with a "universal filter" is rather foolish in my 
opinion.  I trust the company that designed and manufactured the car to 
be better suited to what filter to use than a company that says a filter 
is suitable simply because it fits.
-Matt Martinsen

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