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Re: Red vs. yellow rear signal lights

J Baker wrote:
> What do you all think of the rear turn signals on the new Audis?
> I am disappointed that the A4 has red turn signals.  Around here
> (DC area), you have to look serious to get anyone to let you
> into their lane - and red turn signals often get ignored.  A bright
> rapid flashing yellow, in the other hand, seems to get attention.
> I myself often don't even notice red turn signals.  They seem to
> blend in with all the third brake lights going on and off....
> So why did Audi go with red instead of yellow?  Any ideas?
> John
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They usually go with red in the US because the DOT requires the red rear
side marker lights, which are not required in Europe.  If they were to
use amber in the turn signal section of the lens, the small side marker
would appear amber, as it does on Europe.

Jeremy Walters
San Ramon, CA