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RE: How To: Non-Audi CD Changer Install (98A4)

>Panasonic CD Changer, Part # 133CXDP601, Price $269.95
>1998 Audi to Panasonic CD Changer Adapter, Part # 541AUPAN98, Price $19.95
>In 1998 Audi used a Panasonic DP601 6 disc changer with four rings
>stenciled on the front.  The Audi mounting kit fits perfectly to both the

In short: one CD changer to fit 98 A4s. $100 OBO, it's not doing me any good sitting in my bedroom.

The longer: I happen to have one of those there DP601 (sans rings) sitting around. It is in excellent (dare I say mint? no, there are extremely minor scratches on the exterior paint) condition, and worked quite well in my GTI until some cretin that I would really like to catch up with someday in a dark alley forcibly extracted its controlling head unit through the driver's window broken for this purpose. The DP601 was replaced by a Kenwood 10-disc unit with a coded head unit, if you must know. Aforementioned cretin also mangled the head end of the changer cable, so that is not available from me - but luckily appears not to be necessary with a prewired A4; I do have the one magazine it came with, original box and mounting brackets (I had it stuffed between the rear seat and the wall) as well as the faceplate cover and remote for the DP875 head (but nobody cares).

I still have the whole load of Bose stuff out of my quattro too, if anyone wants that.

Oh, and I'll be leaving for the weekend at noon tomorrow/Friday, however I promise to deal with the expected deluge of responses FIFO at my earliest convenience.

HTH somebody
Henry Harper
1991 200 quattro, 96k, going to Moab tomorrow
1988 GTI 16v, 185k, going to sit for a week until I can get the oil leak fixed