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Re: Our friends at AofA

Osman Parvez wrote:

>I wonder if everyone they have on record got this mailing?

I sent in the card in the back of the owner's manual when I bought my car,
never heard a word from AOA. Until yesterday, I also received the free oil
change card in the mail. I'm going to call the two dealer's here in the
Twin Cities and see if either of them uses synth oil, as the cold season
will soon be upon us here in the Northland and I want to make sure my care
starts easily.

NOTE: I also need to get those stinkin' little dash lights, the ones with
the orange and the ones with the white bases. Anyone know exactly how many
it takes to completely replace all the gage cluster lights on a '93 90S? I
figure as long as I'm in there I might as well replace them all, so I won't
have to go back in for a while.

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