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Re: I GOT AN URQ!!! AND ITS AN 82, phil, can you help me out here?

   Anyway, i just bought what i thought was going to be an 83 UrQ, mars red, 
   early 83's that were just imported in 82?  The VIN in this one places it 
   as an 82 model, with a build date of 7/82, i think the chassis number was 
   584 (or at least close to that).  

Yeah, we call those "'83" models...

   What bently can i use for this thing?  Can i use the bently for the 84-87 
   stuff or is there a special one that i will need to get?  I need to get 
   the one for the 5ktqs though cause im going to put an MC in there.

   Where can i get wiring diagrams for this car?  I know there isnt much 
   wiring in there at all...but i dunno...

The above Bently "helps", it more accurate than not, but these guys were
essentially hand-built with whatever parts were handy at the time, so
be prepared for exploratory diggings (and remember to keep a sense of
humor; it's certain the Audi Engineers were laughing...). 

There were a pair of aux booklets printed to help out, I suspect someone
on the list still has copies of them available. I have some of that
stuff on my WEB page.

   I dont know what else to say right now.  I will have a chip to sell from 
   this one.  The guy had one of the performance chips in there, im not sure 
   which one, i will ask when i pick up the car on saturday.  So if anyone 
   has any interest at all, lemme know....I also have the stock one, and the 
   stock turbo too...and the stock head, but i dont think that is worth 

   Does this qualify me as the youngest UrQ owner on the list?  20 yrs. old?

   hehe...thanks in advance for all of the help...ireally should have been 
   saving the past 4 years of discussion...damnit....

Well, it is [theoretically] archived...and there is a *lot* of folklore
there that you *WILL* need!

   phil, is there any info you can give me about this car?  I dont know what 
   you could say, but anythingwill be a major help here.

I have some, um, anecdotal info at http://www.tiac.net/users/rdh/http/Urq
(Note the capital "U"); there's lots of other folks' WEB pages floating
out there in cyberspace too. But your first duty is to spend the next
month gleaning the archives!

You *probably* got a great deal; however be prepared to have every spare
dollar you own sucked right out of your wallet -- UrQ, pronounced "urk",
the sound your wallet makes as the money is . . .

What was that .sig -- something like "Great car, Expensive hobby" . . .