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'91 200q FS; 3B engine possibly FS

I spent a while down the road at Salisbury Mtr. Car yesterday--partly to
check out a car for Dave Kavanagh. Dave probably won't be interested he
says, so here's what I saw:

First, the 3B motor:
They have a red '91 200q with fairly high mileage (odo says 161K, but
papers with car indicate 141K). Art M. says he is considering parting-out
instead of trying to sell the car. Anyone interested contact Art at #
listed below. Naturally there would be a tranny, etc, available, as well.

'91 200q FS:
They got in a '91 200q pearl/black (comfort seats) just a couple of days
ago.  So they haven't had time to work on it yet. Car is from Chicago area
I believe. Will be asking $10.5 for it. I'd guess he'll probably go a
couple hundred lower unless he finds need to do much more restoration work
than he now expects.

WAUGE5447MN001548 (Early build. Mine is MN026745)

the pluses:
107K miles
Paint and body look good but it was raining and car a little dirty, so...?
There could have been some body or paint reworking, but not that was
obvious from my brief inspection. Two tiny rust spots above the rear bumper
chrome trim strip (inevitable, I guess).
Leather and interior trim look v.good (no tears or cracks in trim noticed)
All power windows and power roof do work
A/C blows cold
Driver's seat heater works!!!
Seat position memory works
Radio works
Sony 10 CD changer
Nice "Robert" 6-spoke alloy wheels 7x15 in very nice cond.
Good rubber (at least 1/2-3/4 tread on Goodyear Eagle GTs)
ECU is probably *chipped*, since the car feels fast and the boost gauge
shows 2.0 bar max!!!!!
Oh yeh, QCUSA sticker on window.

notable minuses:
Worst concern is some gear-clashing during a quick upshift from 2nd into
3rd gear (happened twice). Linkage? Lube?
needs right headlight because of discolored (burnt?) refector
Wipers are not coming to rest properly (they park in middle of window)
needs a new bomb--brakelight flashes and some pulsation in pedal when
applying brake hard.
Hole in muffler
No cell phone (antenna is on rear window). Non-cellphone armrest
Lots of discoloration in the htd glass of both sideview mirrors
Probably needs new vacuum hose for the turbo bypass valve (might need a new
valve, but I didn't drive it enough to tell)
It's about due for a new timing belt (I don't think service records are

Many/most of the faults listed will be fixed (certainly wipers, headlight,
hose, muffler and probably new timing belt), and the car will carry
Salisbury's usual 12 mo/12Kmile full parts and labor warranty

BTW, these people tend to know the '91 200q pretty well. He sold me my
first one last Sept., and I'd guess he's sold and serviced a dozen of them
in the 12 months since then. Besides my own, there were four '91 200q
vehicles on the premises yesterday. Oh, make that 4 1/2 if you count the
carcass of my dear departed--still lying out back :(

Art Mayhew 315-429-9902
Salisbury is located about 1/2 hr north of the NYS thruway, east of Utica, NY.

Usual disclaimers (of no personal interest, etc) apply.

Phil Rose

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