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Called my friendly Audi dealer today to enquire about the orange or
white base dash lights, $4.00 a pop, yikes!! Now I know why people are
talking about wanting to replace them with LEDs.

Heres the funny part. I asked how many my '93 90S would need total, he
responded with 10. I asked how many white base, and how many orange
base, as I have seen that there are both in my cluster? He says it
depends.....the orange base supersedes the white base, but only in
certain circumstances. Huh? Some more Audi logic? Anybody out there know
the true story, can I just use the orange base bulb to replace all my
lights? What's the differnce between the two? Bulb color? Intensity?

I also asked the service department(Carousel Audi, Minneapolis, MN)
about the free oil change and what type of oil they use. He stated that
they use Pennzoil 5W-30 dino oil.

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