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Audi Quattro Mountain Bike?

Anybody heard of an Audi Quattro Mountain Bike?
I was just told of a guy (a WMB driver at that) who just won 
one in a raffle and was considering selling it.  Audi told
him the bike was worth $2000.... which, if priced like 
the dealership's other "parts" means it's really a Walmart 
$99 special.

Any clue to manufactuer, etc?

Which leads to other questions.....

Isn't there a basic nomenclature conflict with a "quattro bike"?

Do you think Audi will finally stock bike shifter cables so we can fix our
power windows with true Audi parts?

Does it use green gold?

Anybody have a chip out for it?

And finally, has a magazine done a comparison between it and the
Porsche mountain bike? ;-)

Bill Elliott
Lake Mills, WI
85 UrQ and 97 Cannondale... for now