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Re: Red vs. yellow rear signal lights

>> My ur-S4 has all-red turn signals...and it wish they were yellow. (Did the
>> 1992 100 have the yellow signals? If so, maybe I oughta swap 'em.)
>ironically, I've seen taillights in catalogs sold as "euro" lights for
>Golfs etc with the red signals. 

Well, it depends on the perspective. In Europe, people change
to all-red (or red/white) taillights as a mod (while replacing
flush headlights with 'rallye' quad separates).
Hence the all-red V8 lights.

I'm wondering how much I could get out of Opel E-Kadett fanatics for
all-red taillights, cheaply obtained from junked Pontiac 
LeMans' here. Pity they lack the TU"V snake, and would thus
fail inspection (and probably make the car un-insured in a wreck.
But hey, great to show at club meets).