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Stock turbo cam vs. Schrick 272 -- experiences?

I know this topic has been covered in the past WRT using a Schrick 268
or 272 cam in an MC turbo engine, but I'm interested in hearing personal
experiences from folks who are doing it (or tried and went back to the
stock cam).

The turbo GT has some bent exhaust valves, (don't ask, please!) and I'll
be pulling the head this weekend for renewal.

I do have the Schrick 272 cam that had been installed in the N/A engine,
but I'd like to hear opinions about how it affected things overall;
i.e.. warm-up, idle, was there a significant increase in grunt since the
car is already boosted, did it help or hurt lag?

FWIW, it's an '87 MC (MAC-11C computer) motor installed in an '85 GT

Thanks all!


'85 turbo GT Coupe (off with it's head!)
'84 4kq (aka RattleTrap)