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Re: Ur-q with mind of it's own.

Hi Martin,
Wow, with you, Mike, and Eric, we have three new entries into
ur-q ownership and the accompanying electrical questions.
That should be enough the pick the ur-q b/w up a bit. :-)
Strange thing happened yesterday when I started the Ur-q up.
First of all the fuel pump would run constantly with the ignition on but
engine not running.
Usually they run for few seconds and shut off when the pressure is up.
This one keeps going.

On the other side of things when you go to shut the engine off.
Turn the key off, remove it from ignition yet the engine keeps running.

Sounds like someone hard wired the fuel pump relay or incorrectly 
installed a second FP relay. As you know, the fuel pump should 
definately stop when the key is removed from the ign. I have heard 
of swapping an early 4k FP relay which doesn't have the pin installed
for ECU control of the FP, that way the engine never cuts out. Also
the very early Detection Techniques(aka Superchips) ECU mods
were implemented(hacked) such that the FP ran all the time the ign
key was on. A definate safety no no.

If the engine keeps running w/o the key, that would mean that the ECU
is still getting  power and is not being switched off. I have installed an
switched relay to give my ECU *good* switched 12V power, maybe 
someone was trying to do the same and screwed it up. Time
to get out the DVM and dig into that great ur-q wiring, and be sure
to take notes. Good luck.