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New RS2 exhaust manifold warped...

My crates o' goodies arrived from Europe recently, with them a brand spanking
new RS2 exhaust manifold.  Knowing the tendency for Audi turbo exhaust
manifolds to warp, I checked the manifold and found the ends are .015"-.020"
warped right out of the box.   Kind of odd.  So, has anyone else checked their
new exhaust manifolds (10V or 20V) and found this?  BTW, I sure am glad I'm
putting this thing on with the motor out of the car.  The design of this
manifold would make it a real PITA to install with the motor in the car...
Oh yeah, I just picked up an RS2 Comp. turbo too.  I can't wait to get this
thing running! 

Steve Eiche
'82 Not So Ur q, 3B w/ RS2 goodies...