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RE: I GOT AN URQ!!! AND ITS AN 82, phil, can you help me out here?

Congats Michael!  I guess my first question is that since your 4kq is so
much better than an urq, why did you bother? ... :)

> Anyway, i just bought what i thought was going to be an 83 UrQ, mars red, 
> with a blown engine...well, at least in need of a new head.  Anyway, i 
> payed 1700 for it.  I found out that just a couple years ago, the guy put 
... heads for the WX engine can be pretty expensive.  You might be able to
get one cheaper from someone who is doing an MC conversion ... Keep in mind
that small cracks between the valve seats or from the seats to the spark
plug hole are OK (per Bentley).  When I had the head off my car I sent it to
a place that grinds out the crack, refills the area and machines everything
back to the way it is supposed to be (apparently Chevy V8 heads can have
similar problems).  It has worked fine now for quite a few years.  

> I just looked at the audi-dudi website and they claim that 285 of these 
> were imported in 82.  Were all of those actually 82 models? or were they 
> early 83's that were just imported in 82?  The VIN in this one places it 
> as an 82 model, with a build date of 7/82, i think the chassis number was 
> 584 (or at least close to that).  
Audi called them '83 models.  It is funny that when a car is new the thing
to do is to try to get the car put out as one in the next model year ... but
then when the car gets older people like to call them the older year ...

> The fuse box is behind the drivers pocket under the dash, is there a way 
> to change this to inside the engine compartment, or at least update it 
> with a 4kq fuse panel?  (i have 2), to use the spade fuses?
It is up to you ... but it will be quite a bit of work!  IMO/E there are
only a few issues with the car's original electrical system ... once you
address them, when combined with the fact that you live in California you
should mean that you don't have much to worry about.  For me the biggest
issue I have is with the fuses themselves.  BTW, having the fuse panel is
the least of your worries ... you'll need to figure out how much of the
wiring harness of the 4k to pull out and how to splice everything together.
Then you'll have a hybrid car ... meaning that the only diagram you'll have
for it is whatever you can cobble together!  On the positive side, assuming
that you do the work yourself you'll know what you did ...

As you probably know, a lot of folks have taken the dash from newer 4k and
installed it in the QTC ...

> What do i do to change the boost guage in teh dash to a coolant temp 
> guage?  Is that possible?
It should be as simple as bolting in the temp gauge.  You'll find the PWB is
wired for the gauge already.  I would recommend that you might look into
removing the blue "cold" idiot light since it is in the same circuit.

> What bently can i use for this thing?  Can i use the bently for the 84-87 
> stuff or is there a special one that i will need to get?  I need to get 
> the one for the 5ktqs though cause im going to put an MC in there.
The same Bentley for your 4kq and Coupe covers the QTC.  It does not
explicitly call out the '83 model, but I have used it on mine for many
years.  I hear that there is another book that covers the QTC explicitly ...
I was thinking of looking that one up ... I think it was from Dyment ...

In addition to the Bentley, there are a couple of service documents that
Audi put out, called the Introductory Service Training (IST) documents.  The
first one is called Into Service Training, and the other is called
Maintenance and Adjustments.  I had a number of copies made of them ...
including the wiring diagram that I have ... I'll look to see if any are

> Where can i get wiring diagrams for this car?  I know there isnt much 
> wiring in there at all...but i dunno...
I have a set that Audi sent me years ago.  The problem with the QTC is that
there were so many issues with the wiring with that old Audi Fox (that's
right!) fuse box that there will be times that it is difficult to figure the
thing out even with the wiring diagram!

> I dont know what else to say right now.  I will have a chip to sell from 
> this one.  The guy had one of the performance chips in there, im not sure 
> which one, i will ask when i pick up the car on saturday.  So if anyone 
> has any interest at all, lemme know....I also have the stock one, and the 
> stock turbo too...and the stock head, but i dont think that is worth 
> anythin.....
AFAIK, there was only one company that offered a "real" chip upgrade for the
car, and that was Superchips.  The other "chips" involve additional mods to
the circuitry of the F/TCU.  While I have yet to do it myself, IMHO if you
are looking to "chip" your WX engine RDH's method described on his website
(http://www.tiac.net/users/rdh/http/Urq/index.htm) is the most well
considered way to go.  

Have fun Michael!
Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)