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Re: 10V Cam pulley/timing belt question

In message <> Andrei Kogan writes:

> I finally received the 2084 and I am going to do the TB job over this
> weekend. The procedure seems clear except for one point, namely the cam
> pulley removal. What is the safest way to remove it without upsetting the
> camshaft position? Someone wrote that it is sufficient to just hold it with
> a screwdriver while undoing the nut, there was also a suggestion to clamp
> the old timing belt underneath it and then unscrew the nut. I like the
> latter idea, assuming the belt is strong enough. How much torque does one
> use on the cam pulley nut? Also, should one use a thread lock on it? If the
> idea with the belt works, then I am going to remove the cam pulley, do the
> waterpump/thermostat, put the cam pulley back (does it go on in a unique
> way?) again use the old belt to tighten the nut, all with the 2084 holding
> the crank pulley. Then remove the crank pulley and replace the T-belt.

Sounds pretty sensible.  Whoever wrote about using a screwdriver was:

a) an idiot,

b) never tried it.

Sadly - he worked for Audi.  That's exactly what the book says.  Forget
it.  Yes, loosen the belt at the water pump and tie wrap it as tight
as you can under the cam pulley.  Use whatever counterforce you can
manage with a large pair of grips, etc., and exert 80Nm undoing force
or more on the bolt.  Use 80Nm when you tighten it, and _DON'T_ use
any chemicals - it tightens up enough all on its ownsome.

Watch when you actually pull the cam pulley - it's locked in the correct
position by a small Woodruff key that always falls out and takes ten
minutes to find.  Sweep the workshop floor first.

 Phil Payne
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