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Re: Aftermarket Audio Equipment for 94' 100S

quk@isham-research.demon.co.uk (Phil Payne) wrote:

>> Howdy, has anyone successfully install a aftermarket Receiver and yet
>> still able to have the station indicator(the place where the Auto Check
>> displays info when in use) working?

>Nothing to do with this issue, but a bit of arcania - the Philips 994
>that was originally designed for the ur-quattro had a remote display
>option that could be mounted anywhere in the car you liked.

New Opels (on which I seem to spend more time tinkering than I'd like) have
this feature as well, and it only works with Opel head units- you've
guessed, way too expensive for their quality. They're modified Philips
units though, so just for fun we tried connecting a standard Philips'
display connector to the in-dash display. Didn't work- garbage was all we
got (although even the wiring's colour coding matched).

I guess Audi does the same...