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4kq (& coupe) headlight switch


When you flash to pass *all four* high beams run off the wire powering
the parking light circuits.  Causing all kinds of mess in the switch &
harness and even at the fuse box until you relay the headlights.


Which relays to use?  Well, the kind of folks who tend to attack this
problem usually have by now a box full of spares from dead cars.  So the
little grey SPST 30A bosch guys get used.

If you don't have any they are sold everywhere you might look - auto
parts stores, Radio Slack, catalogs, etc.

Often you can get them with a socket too which is nice.  Mounting tabs
are a plus.  Pick up some crimp on connectors to fit the lugs while
you're at it.  And your fuse holder(s), ring terminal for the alternator
post, and whatever you're going to use to tap into the stock headlight
wiring to trigger the relays... and a bunch of wire if you're going to
upgrade the gauge (a must for higher power lights).


If this sort of work is new to you, be careful.  There are some *really
big sparks* hiding in those fat red wires.  Try to blackmail or bribe
someone with experience to stand around yelling "don't do that!" once in
a while.  But do the work yourself, with their supervision, and you'll
learn more.

Huw Powell

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