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Quest for the "right" 20v - pothole

I found a '91 CQ on the Quattrolist Marketplace website.  The car is in
Ontario.  The asking price of $10,500CDN was very good with the current
exchange rate.  The car would have cost me around $7000US.  Not bad for a
well kept CQ with 83,000 miles!!!
The owner and I began a month long negotiation.  We both did all we could
to get the "ins & outs" of getting a car into the US.  
After numerous phone calls and tons of e-mail the deal came to screeching
halt yesterday.  It came down to the car not having an airbag.  The speedo
would also have to be changed but that was not a big deal.  The seller was
unbelievably accomodating and I could not thank him enough.  He stuck with
the whole ordeal for weeks with my promise to give the car a good home.
Now my quest goes on.  I'm afraid the list will have to endure more
questions from this newbie Quattro seeker.  I thank all of you for giving
me tons of info on my questions so far, but there is more to come.

Dave Kase
still Quattroless in PA...