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Re: Fooling yourself, not the ECU

I have finally sorted my WOT problem - sometimes there, sometimes not.
Having done the usuals with new WOT switch, reworked the manifold earths, it
still only happened 3/5 times. However, last weekend I fitted new
headlamps - having been to the area L meet in the UK my Urq looked as though
it was wearing shades compared to the others - and at the same time decided
to have a go at the WOT PLUG. Now the connections are clean (did that
before) BUT ALSO TIGHT. Magic! WOT every time. Note to Phil: this is why it
worked when we jury rigged it. The wires to inside of the car had very good
connection to the plug......

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From: Phil Payne <quk@isham-research.demon.co.uk>
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Date: 28 September 1998 08:52
Subject: Fooling yourself, not the ECU

>I don't know if I posted this incident.  I had another MB turn up at
>the house last Thursday with a complaint that it wasn't "quite right".
>True, but it also wasn't bad.  WOT working properly, boost within
>tolerance, good fuel, plugs OK, etc.
>Did quite extensive diagnostics and came up empty until I checked
>the ISV current - zero milliamps!  Started fiddling around, and the
>owner suddenly blurted out that the ISV was defective (I suspect
>damaged by very clumsy cleaning) and had been "replaced" by a
>constrictor in the hose.  I pulled the hose off and extracted a 7/16ths
>1/4" drive socket with a piece of rubber hose jammed in the middle.
>Just because it works at idle doesn't mean ...
>Oh - I give up!
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