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Re: MB rear windows

My MB did not have the script, nor other badging.  No "quattro" script on
the defroster either.  Seems the badging and the script on the rear 1/4
window were omitted at the time of order, as the fiche/ETKA recognizes them
for all years in varying types.  I ordered and installed the script for the
windows, they came with a nicely cut paper backing which made installation
inthe correct location a cinch.  The rear badging on the MB's (if ordered)
was not the decal type used earlier, but a chrome-plastic "Audi" on the
left and "quattro" on the right with the chrome rings in the middle.  Still
 thinking of those...

Jouko Haapanen

> From: DRoxburgh <DRoxburgh@email.msn.com>
> I looked at an MB Urq yesterday, and the glass in the two rear side
> did not have the normal *quattro* script. Were cars built like that, or
> it a sign of replacement. Also there was a visible gap between the front
> rear wings where they met the sill - bashed and badly fitted?