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RE:20V Fan

Raving Bob D' said:
Well, the radiator fan on my wife's 20V (7A) decided to stop working.
I gave it a noble effort of about 30 seconds diagnostic tonight, by
turning on the AC to see if the fan would come on, it did not. Nor did
it when I shorted out the radiator thermo switch. So something past that
is kaput. I checked fuse as well..

Any great ideas before I attack this in the morning?

I just replaced the fan in my '90 90, and it cost $167 from The Parts
Connection.  I called around and at the time, that was the best price.  Funny,
I also replaced the fan on my old (Dan's new) CQ, and both Audi's fans died of
the same cause....the wiring connection on the back of the fan.

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