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Slick 50 Lawsuit?

I was flipping through the latest (November) Car and Driver magazine. On
page 203, in the middle of the marketplace section is a legal notice.
>From the look of it there was a class action law-suit against Slick 50.
This is final notice of settlement with the company. Each purchaser of
the product is entitled to a $15 cash rebate. 

I suspect they were sued for improper advertising, i.e. making claims
that their product does stuff it really doesn't. Anybody know anything
about this?

BTW..I couldn't help noticing that the law-firms were both from NYC
while the lawsuit took place in Texas. Hmmm...

Also, I wonder if this settlement will put Slick 50 out of business?
Actually, probably not. The percentage of customers who actually send in
the coupon for $15 are probably in the 10% range.

Osman Parvez
Albany NY
89 200q 175K (Happy Clutch)
85 Mr2 77K (In Storage)