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WTB 80/90q in Minnesota

Hi, I'm looking for a good 80 or 90q, 10 or 20v for a friend of mine
who lives in the Minneapolis area.  Needs to have very good body and
interior, and a good drivetrain.  Things like brakes, suspension, timing
belt service do not have to be good, but would of course be reflected in
the price we'd pay.  Which by the way is $8000 MAX.  I'll be calling
Kent Anderson soon, but if any of you know of or have one for sale, I'd
sure be interested.


'89.5 200tq, TAP 14.5psi, H+R/Boge TG, 205/55-16 SZ50's, Fuchs w/ R1's,
ATE Power Disc, Pagid Yellows, Euro Headlights, etc...