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Re: Misc responses to contents of #2881

Sir, I'm a cad and a lowlife ruffian! However, the list price for that
filter is $14.75, and I pay about 4 bucks. The first one I bought, about 2
years ago, had to come from the dealer, and WAS $12.00 to the customer. He
was pi..ed. We had him so used to the other one on his 5K, he just couldn't
believe it.
Y'r hmbl svt, John

quinn@hns.com wrote:

> jdlarson@ix.netcom.com wrote:
> >Regarding the thought that the Audi filter is SEVEN times the price of
> >the Fram, hogwash. The Fram sells for 3 to 5 bucks, the OE Audi filter
> >for about 6-7.
> Sir, before you start bandying about the term "hogwash" (you'll
> be calling me "yard dog" next I expect) I was talking about the A4
> oil filter.  It's much bigger than the older Audi filters and costs
> much more - approx. $21 last time I bought one.  Don't know how
> much they are now since Audi "reduced everything by 60%" ;-)
> -Mark Quinn