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Musings on fantasy/ reality

Good morning, a couple of nights ago, while engaged in my nightly
therapy session with a sinkfull of dishes, I found myself musing about
the heated and vitriolc discussions with and about young Mr Cur. It
occurred to me that an uniquely American hotrodding expression,
paraphrased, might be appropriate here. " In life, ya run what ya
brung." A corollary might be, "When the flag drops, the bulls..t stops".

We've all, at various times in our lives, enhanced the truth to put
ourselves in a better light. Part of maturing is learning that that
doesn't really work in life and that that urge needs to  at least be
suppressed. Kicking, screaming, and resisting as we might, most of us
do, eventually, mature. It's part of life.
That said, I'm out here runnin' what I brung. John