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Oil drain plug

Hi Y'all,

I recently purchased an oil drain valve from Imparts.  Nice looking piece.
I planned to make the swap while I changed the oil in my '95 S6 this

Just one problem.  The part from Imparts has what appears to be about a
14mm thread.  The plug which the valve was supposed to replace has what
appears to be about a 22mm thread.  I wasn't able to get an exact
measurement but it was right at 7/8 inch diameter.  Does anyone know for
sure what thread is present?

Imparts says they have them in a variety of thread sizes (20mm, 22mm, 24mm,
etc) and pitches (most available thread pitches appear to be 1.5mm).  All I
need is the correct size to tell them.

I would rather not pull the plug on a fresh load of Mobil1 just to measure
the thread size.


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