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Re: '98 A4 Chip Questions

      >I am interested in chipping it and read an article on the
      >four leading chip makers in European Car.

      There are a few more players... Neuspeed has a low-boost (compared to
      mtm, Wette).

      >The mag describes the process as a 5 minute deal with no other mods
      >required.  Is that really true?

      Even less if you know what to pull...

   Ummm...I'd say much more at minimum. The "ROM" is a surface-mount
   soldered-on jobbie; such beasties are non-trivial to rework (not
   hard with "the right equipment", a Royal PITA with most "hobby"
   soldering tools). One of the nice things that Wetterauer does
   is conjure up a "plug & socket" model so that once modified, any
   subsequent session is pop out the ECU, pop open the box, pop off
   the chip, reverse process...but that *first* cycle is *not* for the
   inexperienced solder-jockey!

   I've been planning on submitting a mini-review of the Wett A4 chip,
   but don't have my notes here with me. RealSoonNow...

Well, DIATH! I can't find my notes with before&after times written
down! Grrr!!!

So all I can provide is a subjective review that overall, it's a
good little chip. It provides a definite lo/midrange increase that
is quite palpable. My memory says it doesn't seem to do much for
the top end, but I don't run up in general there anyways. The
lo/midrange (say, 2,000 to 5,000RPM) is where I do most of my 
daily driving (most is really 2,000 to 3,500...boring highway
commute...), and there is a definite improvement there. I will
go out on a limb and "claim" a 10-20% improvement (decrease) in,
for example, "passing" maneuvers (40-60mph, 60-80mph, 2,000-
5000RPM, etc.).

The only problem I have seen is a noticeable tendency towards
knocking (Shell 93) on WOT. It's only noticeable with the windows
open, it's not very loud. It vaguely bothers me, but not too much.

The installation was pretty easy. (I caught up with the Wett folks
at a local event...) One really nice feature of the Wett instal-
lation is that they provide "the chip" on a little daughter card,
fabricating a "socket" on the ECU motherboard. As part of the
process, they mount the original ROM on a second daughter card, so
you always readily switch back. Overall, the installation was
about a 1/2-hour process (this includes walking back'n'forth to/from
the parking lot, etc.). The normal process is you pull the ECU and
snailmail it (FedEx overnight, etc.) to them, and they return it

Is the Wett chip "better" than the { ABt | Neuspeed | TAP | whomever }
chip? I dunno...

Is it a "good" chip?  Yup!  Is it a good "daily driver"?  Yup!
Would I recommend it?  Yup!

Is it expen$ive? Hey, _dumb_ question, it's an Audi!


P.S.	If I ever find those <expletive> notes, I'll post the actual
	RealLife(tm) numbers...