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2.7 biturbo

TWO water-cooled exhaust gas turbochargers with wastedgated are use for
charging. The charge pressure of both exhaust gas turbochargers is
controlled via common charge pressure control valve..
Advantage of biturbo technology:
*The exhaust gas turbocharger is smaler, which means better response due its
reduced mass.
*Higher charge pressure at low engine speeds...
*Exhaust gas turbochargers are located outside the V-angle due to hight
temperatures they reach. This advantage of this arrangement is that the
intake air is not heated up additionally and the sub-assamblies are  not
subjected to so much thermal stress
*Since the turbocharges are flange directly onto the exhaust manifol the
exhaust gases travel less distance and there is less temperature loss....
*As a result the catalytic converters are able to heat up more quickly and
the efficiency of the exhaust gas turbocharger is improved by the favourable
air flow...