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RE: pump is toast (was: intermittent stalling)

>Sadly, I can now confirm that, as Mike Arman stated in his post 
>recently, the volcano syndrome is indeed a sign of a pump about to fail. 

---- Huge Snip-----

OK, now youíre getting ME nervous.  I acquired a 91 90Q about 2 weeks ago. 
Iíve noticed that upon a cold start, the red BRAKE light stays lit for from
several seconds to a minute or so, then goes out.  Iíve assumed that this
was just a sign that it takes some time for ďthingsĒ to pressurize.  But
Iíve also noted that the brake pedal is somewhat spongy.  The car has about
69,000 miles.  Am I to assume that I to have to consider rebuilding my
power steering pump?

Thanks for your info!  (I hope I havenít make a mistake with this

Craig Krivin
91 90Q (already needs new strut bushings, just bought new tires)
97 Miata R (no problems!)
78 924 (apart)